Covid 19

How to get your medication if you have Covid

Please do not panic - we will be keeping our services going thruout , if staffing levels are too low we will drop non urgent services that can be received elsewhere . Please be considerate of our staffs health and follow all instuctions. Make sure you give both the medical centre and us plenty of time before you run out of your medication to help relieve any time pressures that we will be under.

If you have Covid-19  and are in need of your presciption  or cold and flu medicines  you have several options:

1. Please ring or email us to let us know you are unable to come in and are sending someone else (Not a household contact) down to collect them for you.

2. We are able to do a contactless delivery of your medicines directly to you at home


3.We are able to organise a contactless pickup from our carpark.

  • Please ring and organise and give us  your cars registation number so we can identify you in the car park.
  • Ring us when you are parked to let us know where you are and we will come out as soon as possible 
  • We may ask for identification thru the window to confirm your identity . 
  •  we will place your items on your car bonnet and step away before you collect them.  



Covid Home Management- Be Prepared -Kit Ideas

This list has been crowd sourced from the NZ Long Covid support group.

Please don't feel that you need to buy everything on here, you may be able to share things with your community if needed (and can be safely cleaned)

It is not intended to nor should be used to substitute medical advice. It is designed to help you prepare for the possibility of home management for Covid-19


Call 111 or healthline on 0800 611 116. Or call your GP.

Safety -Masks ,Gloves ,Hand sanitiser,Charged phone ,Phone plan ,Disinfectant ,Clean drinking water, Child care plan ,Ventilation & warmth ,Support person ,Rubbish bags ,Cleaning products ,Compression socks

Cough / Throat / Sinus  Tissues, rubing balms ,Iceblocks ,Vicks for steaming , Bowl & towel for head steaming       Or Vaporiser , Oximeter ,Spare batteries for gadgets ,throat spray ,throat probiotics ,throat lozenges ,saline nasal rinse and saline nasal spray .

Fever   Panadol  , nurofen, electrolytes  ,thermometer , cool packs or towels  , Warm clothes

Aches   Extra pillows , heat packs, sinus relief, extra blankets

Self Care & help   Easy to heat meals (soups) ,Emergency contact list  , House plan for self isolation , sleeping drops , Bone broth  ,  high grade vitamin C , Peppermint or Ginger Tea  , Vitamin D  , Zinc (take with food)  , Straws or balloons for lung exercises, please consult your GP first,  Breathing and meditation apps ,food delivery apps, Magnesium Epsom salts if you have a bath

Ask Doctor about... Antihistamines  ,inhalers  ,steroids  ,oxygen levels  ,anti inflammatories  ,when to go to hospital  ,check supplements  ,breath work

Other notes...

Above all else - REST is crucial. You must rest

Medications from doctor may be required in addition.

You will likely lose your appetite, but must eat nutrient rich foods. Avoid sugar where possible (inflammatory). Avoid alcohol & caffiene

If someone is feeding you and delivering food, ensure that they leave at door and then go away before you collect. Keep all food containers in rubbish bags until send of self isolation, then deposit safely (gloves, handled by one member of family)

Keep a journal of symptoms experienced each day until completely recovered,can be helpful to healthcare workers

(this could go for a while - suggest digital if you can)

Make a list of household instructions if you're usually in charge of keeping the house running - feeding pets, paying bills, how to use things, etc

Write down your medical background and any medications you usually take - make sure this can be found easily

Keep a top up of items you regularly use at home in one place so you can easily make a kit and get isolated

Check your doctor can do phone / video consults. If not, find one that can.

Get a medical certificate from the GP to ensure you get your work and payment / benefits covered as required

Tips on how to self isolate from the NZ government

Home Management Tips

How to manage Covid at home

How to read an Oxi meter and pulse reader

Support GroupsNZ Covid Impacted Persons

NB; only for Long Covid patients.

NZ Long Covid

NB; for those looking for resources


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